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Product Launch

Product launch is the most important and first impression of your product on clients. You have spent a lot on the event and product, thus it your right to expect catering service to give value for your money. We at Droolys Catering have designed our outdoor catering service to both showcase and compliment your event perfectly at realistic prices.


Corporate Event

We at Drooly’s Catering maintain peerless and professional standard of services, hence, successfully living up to client’s expectations. We customize our menu according to the client’s need, taste and budget. Timing being the most important factor for the service of all meals which Droolys adhere to.


Drooly’s Catering organizes get-togethers with ease. Our excellence does not depend on the size and location of the gatherings. Our team is professional and well trained to take care of all your culinary needs. We ensure to make your get-togethers and parties an absolute success.


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